Are Trade Shows Being Overrun By iPhones and iPads?

by Kristin Hovde

People participate at trade shows to see the latest and greatest products on the market. Having trade show booths that will wow them is the first step to drawing in a crowd, but the next step is having amazing giveaway items and drawings.

Since the creation of the iPad and iPhone, it seems like exhibitors are using these trendy gadgets to increase traffic to their booths. This will definitely intrigue attendees to stop by, but are they actually interested in doing business with you or do they just want the free gifts?

If you want to hand out promotional items, there are two questions you need to ask yourself:

1. Who's your target audience?
2. What's your goal?

Don't get me wrong, iPads and iPhones are very much in-demand, but if attendees are coming to your trade show exhibits only to walk away with one of these gifts, are you really getting anything out of the trade show?

Your giveaway items should be somewhat related to your industry in order to bring in the right people to your booth.

If you do plan on using technology at your display systems, then incorporate it into the design of your booth for a more attractive, eye-catching look that will create a buzz around the show floor. One example would be to attach iPads to your booth to show a presentation, website, etc.

These are just my thoughts, but hope it will be of some assistance to you as you prepare for your next event.

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