Planning for Social Media Success at Trade Shows

Social media is a great tool for promoting your company at a trade show or other event. Whether you are a social media novice or guru, planning for social media success at a trade show is a fantastic way to gain extra exposure and give your company a more "personal" edge.

Listed below are some tips for taking your next trade show social media coverage to the next level.

Get Active Before the Trade Show

A great way to increase your exposure is to be active on social media before the trade show begins. Using the event’s hashtag on Twitter can connect you with other exhibitors whom you may not have the chance to speak with at the show.

It is also a good way to highlight your company’s offering to visitors before they attend.

If you have a personal and engaging social media presence before the show, visitors and exhibitors will be far more likely to recognise your company in the exhibition hall.

That brand recognition can be the difference between prospects visiting your booth or staying away, so don’t ignore the power of creating pre-show buzz.

social media success at trade showsAlways include social media in your trade show marketing plan.

Integrate Social Media with Your Branding

Your branding is a key part of how your business is perceived at a trade show. Including social media contact details will help promote brand engagement.

Whether on your company business cards, sales literature, or exhibition stand graphics, promoting social media accounts will keep your prospects in touching distance post-show.

Another idea is to run a competition using social media that includes your branding, which is a great way to create interest among potential buyers. For example, create a contest using social media by having event visitors take a selfie with your stand to be entered into a drawing for a high-value prize.

Be Personal

Any successful social media professional will tell you that the key to a powerful social media presence is to be personal and engaging. No person wants companies blatantly advertising on their personal social media channels.

Encourage each member of your team to take pictures and videos to give their own twist or perspective on the trade show. Always check the content and tone before posting.

This will help visitors associate your brand with your team members and make them more approachable during the event.

Choose the Right Social Media Platform

Do some research before the show to find out where the social media buzz is happening (show organisers will usually list these on the event’s website). The most popular platform for trade show social media interaction is Twitter, as specific event hashtags (such as #Confex) can provide a great way for attendees and exhibitors to share show-specific content.

For business-to-business events, consider using LinkedIn as well. Event organisers often set up trade show groups on LinkedIn that can be a useful way to share information with other exhibitors and continue the conversation post-show.

Creating a gallery of the trade show’s images via Pinterest or Instagram is another eye-catching way of using a trade show to create marketing content for your brand.

Key Points to Take Away for Social Media Success

  • Be Yourself – No-one wants to deal with a faceless corporation
  • Be Active – Social media usage output should peak during the trade show, but don’t neglect your pre or post-show activity.
  • Be Bold – Include social media details on your branding such as trade show displays, literature and business cards.

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