Backlit Displays

Backlit Trade Show Displays Light Up Conversations and Boost Conversions

Thousands of trade show attendees make their way through exhibition halls every week. For exhibitors, trade shows represent key marketing opportunities to engage with high-opportunity prospects, build brand awareness and generate sales. Yet, a weak or ill-placed display can cost exhibitors those vital few seconds it takes to make a first and lasting impression. 

As a trade show exhibitor, it’s only natural that you want your products and services to stand out in an attractive and inviting way. Now, you can use the illuminating features of backlit trade show displays to put the spotlight on your booth over competitors and the crowds.

Getting your vendor space ready for max conversation and conversion has everything to do with placement and display. While your staff has the power to make or break a sale, they are only as successful as they are engaged.  So, here are ways you can use backlit exhibits to assist in gaining foot traffic to your booth and interaction with those eager brand ambassadors.

Backlit Trade Show Displays Put Your Brand Front and Center

Backlit Displays

Have you ever stared for some time at a screen and, once the light diminished, the image stayed visible for seconds longer? Backlit trade show exhibits work the same way. Not only do they light up your brand’s powerful backdrop banners, but they also increase visibility and readability. 

As passersby canvas the area of mega exhibition halls, they are naturally drawn to well-lit, easy-to-read images and phrases. For this reason, brand exhibitors are investing in backlit displays to literally shine a little more light on what makes their booth visit worthy – all while leaving a spark of that image trailing in visitors' minds a few fleeting yet critical seconds longer.

Freestanding Lightbox Displays are Proven to Boost Sales

Image is everything. And quality imagery with a focal point on a specific brand product or service has been proven to spike long lines and better bottom lines. If you want your niche-market prospects lining up to see your demos or sample your savory squares, you’ve got to first capture their attention in a sea of people swimming toward an exit.

Freestanding lightbox displays highlight the best you’ve got and, at sizes that can meet prospects at eye level, are sure to create brand exposure and attract foot traffic to your booth. Not only do freestanding lightbox displays serve as a landmark for recognition and rendezvous, but they are also clean, simple designs that command attention and prompt a perception of high value. This makes people naturally want to stop to learn more or to inquire about purchasing despite a potentially higher price than nearby competitors.

Backlit Exhibits are as Flexible as they are Appealing

Backlit Trade Show Displays

Backlit exhibits are a cost-effective and compact way to share your brand easily and effortlessly. From versatile and portable folding options to quick set-up and take-down, these options can take up little space when shipping out or carrying on and are assembled with ease.

This saves time, money and heartache. After all, it’s much easier to enjoy the event you’re working when everything falls in place and is easy to manage. Setup sets the stage for the event so keeping it simple goes a long way when it comes time for sales.

Backlit Displays Help Encourage Front-End Confidence

When your booth looks good, you feel good. The same can be said of your booth staffers.  When you invest in a quality environment that showcases a clean, professional look, it tends to prompt the same demeanor from those representing your brand products and services during the show.

What’s more, backlit displays can easily portray the main points you wish for your team to get across to trade show attendees. Having a few key words and intentionally-written phrases can keep booth staff on topic and aligned with the key components you wish to express in those brief moments of brand introduction and engagement.

Customize your Backlit Trade Show Displays based on Consumer Feedback

Over time, each event will prompt more and more conversations between you and your niche audiences. As you continue to engage with similar audiences at different shows, you will likely hear repetition in their frequently asked questions, as well as their more pressing concerns regarding what you have to offer.  

Marketing 101 tells you that this user-generated feedback is free market research that helps you align your brand message with your audiences.  So what do you do?  You use this information to make a customized backlit display that draws audiences in with confidence and connectedness. Use the terms you hear most often. Display the most popular colors and address their pain points and hesitation from afar, with written benefits that counter their conservative distance.

Ready to bring your brand into the light at your next event?  Consider backlit trade show displays that light up conversations and lure in the customers you are best slated to serve. 


This article on the benefits of backlit displays was written by trade show expert Ryan Szczygiel of Trade Show Displays US. Mr. Szczygiel's exhibit company is recognized for its cutting-edge selection, attractive designs, and fast turnaround.

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