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trade show fixtures

Trade show fixtures, accessories and lighting are integral to the image, functionality and appeal of your exhibit. To maximize outcomes, the quality and style of your booth elements must complement your booth design and reflect your company reputation.

Of course, fixtures like literature racks, table coverings, display cabinets, and other booth accessories must also have utility. If designed and arranged properly, all of these components can increase the impact of your exhibit and help make your booth staff be more effective.

With the right fixtures, booth arrangement and lighting, your team will be better able to greet and pre-qualify prospects, give product demonstrations, utilize visual aids, and perform other sales activities.

So, how do you strike a balance between look, function and cost of trade show fixtures within high-impact trade show displays and exhibit configurations?

Begin by thinking about your need for trade show fixtures and other booth necessities during the initial design phase. Consider how each element contributes to your brand image and exhibit sales effectiveness

Spend as much time upfront as possible with your booth designer to discuss your sales and marketing objectives. Explain your product positioning, what you do, the benefits you deliver, and your competitive points of difference. Confirm that you have a clear understanding and agreement on your product positioning and exhibit goals.

Then, thoroughly discuss and detail your booth requirements, fixtures, accessories and lighting, including the following:

  • Space requirements based on what you want to accomplish, your budget, and the shows you plan to attend
  • Products or areas in your booth that you want to draw attention to with special lighting, including spotlights. (For more on exhibit lighting, please see links at the end of this article.) 

  • What you expect of your representatives when they work the booth (i.e. meet and greet prospects, review product benefits, show product demonstrations, etc.)
  • How you plan to promote your products at the booth such as doing live product demonstrations, audio-visual presentations, interactive activities, etc.
  • Type of giveaways or entertainment you plan to have at each show
  • Invited speakers, company executives, or other presenters who will give talks at the booth
  • Type of literature you will be using and how you want to display it
  • Storage requirements, portability and shipping needs

Once you have identified your booth requirements, discuss your budget and how you want to allocate it towards each area of your exhibit.

An experienced booth designer will be able to offer ideas and present solutions on how to make the best use of your allocated funds, including developing high-impact signage, graphics, and displays, as well as using trade show accessories to your advantage.

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