Exhibit Flooring:
One Trade Show Accessory Worth Considering

Floor covering is often overlooked as a valuable trade show accessory for your exhibit booth. Exhibit flooring can play a key role in furthering your brand image, enhancing the overall booth design, and creating a welcoming environment that draws people into your display area.

Most exhibition halls have concrete or other plain, utilitarian flooring. Consider the fact that that you’ve spent a tremendous amount of time and money producing a beautiful, high-impact display – and have carefully selected every accessory and promotional item to maximize your effectiveness.

Consider going the extra step to design and order custom trade show flooring that complements your exhibit will serve you well. Your flooring contributes to making an impression that reflects the quality of your product, as well as plays a role in attracting visitors who want to learn more about your products.

For example, custom carpet with your inlaid logo sends a strong message of professionalism and character. Beautiful area rugs create a warm, inviting atmosphere that emanates comfort and service. 

Bold colored carpets depict strength and cool colors like blue and gray create a professional and crisp environment. Attractively designed floor mats can also enhance areas of your booth with high traffic. Your flooring also can be crafted with color changes and lines that subtly guide visitors through different areas of your booth. 

When selecting exhibit flooring, there are a wide array of options available to exhibitors. In addition to area rugs and floor mats, interlocking tiles, raised flooring systems, modular flooring, and rolled options are available and designed to make booth set-up and tear-down easy Like your home or office, exhibit flooring comes in a variety of materials including carpet, vinyl, wood, laminate, bamboo, cork and even artificial turf. 

Depending on the size of your booth flooring and rugs, they can also serve double-duty when used at special company events or conference rooms.

Another consideration with your flooring is the padding beneath your carpets. A good pad adds comfort and makes it less tiring to be on your feet for hours at a time. While attendees may not notice, those working the exhibit will feel the difference.

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