Convention Trade Show Services
Coordinating with Event Staff

Convention trade show services staff arrange logistical, technical, and service support to ensure a smooth, successful event. These  professionals serve the venue's event sponsors, as well as provide assistance to exhibitors, during all phases of show planning and implementation.

The show sponsor and convention services staff develop requirements, deadlines and display guidelines for exhibitors. During the registration process, you should receive an exhibitor's registration packet (in print or online) that details everything you need to know for show participation.

Take time to review all of the exhibitor information during the planning process and again close to the time of the trade show.

Pay particular attention to details including freight deliveries, exhibitor storage, shipping options, telecommunications, show resources, contact numbers, and more. Always contact services staff whenever you have questions or need clarification.

Other information you will need to get from your event sponsor or convention services staff include:

  • Trade show floor layout
  • Your specific booth location
  • Parking availability
  • Transportation options
  • Where you can unload and reload your materials and exhibit display
  • Area hotels
  • Recommended restaurants for entertaining prospects and clients
  • Where you can find office supplies and printing services in case of unplanned circumstances

Along with coordinating logistical and operational needs, ask for advice on how to coordinate any available marketing opportunities with the sponsor and/or the facility.

For example, securing a link placement, banner, listing, or post on the event or facility's website, Facebook page, Twitter page, as well as inclusion in printed materials and publicity efforts, will help augment the reach of your own promotional efforts.  Of course, it is important to offer to reciprocate by promoting the event and/or venue in your marketing efforts.

Feel comfortable asking as many questions as you need from the convention services staff to get the most out of your show participation. Then, share pertinent event details with everyone on your team who is involved with your trade show marketing and who will be staffing your booth. This will help ensure a smooth, coordinated effort for the best possible results.

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