Trade Show Display Cases
Highlight Your Offerings

Trade show display cases help capture the attention of booth visitors and draw attention to your product offerings. Available in an array of sizes and styles, cases can also enhance the look of your overall exhibit, while highlighting your specialty items.

Depending on the size and configuration of your booth area, there are also a variety of display case options from which to choose.  Cases for your exhibit include tabletop display cases, shelf case displays, tower displays, wall mounted showcases,  revolving display cases and more.

A range of materials are used to construct display cases, including plastic, acrylic, glass, lucite, wood and metal. To maximize your trade show booth's visual appeal, select cases made of materials that coordinate well with the style and color of your exhibit.

You can order exhibit display cases that are ready-made or have custom cases made that are built to your exact specifications. Display cases are typically shipped assembled and ready to be used.

In addition, some company’s provide do-it-yourself display cases that may be a more economical alternative for exhibitors, as well as being easier to transport. These do-it-yourself cases can be assembled quickly and typically come complete with panels, shelving, security locking hinged doors, tempered glass, floor levelers and halogen top lights.

Display Case Lighting

Proper lighting is important to the success of any trade show exhibit -- and particularly essential when highlighting items on display. Lighting can enhance appeal by adding dimensional depth, focus and design.

From backlighting to spot lighting, there are a number of lighting options available for use with trade show display cases. While some cases feature built-in lighting; others require separate illumination.

Halogen, xenon, LED and fluorescent lighting are options available. You may want to evaluate a number of lighting types and techniques before purchasing your trade show display cases to determine which is most effective for showcasing your products.

Transporting Display Cases

Since display cases are often made of fragile materials, they need to be packed in durable cases when you transport them to and from the trade show.

Smaller display cases can fit in upright hard mold travel cases, which are small enough to fit in a vehicle or on anr airplane.

Upright hard mold travel cases often feature carrying straps and wheels for easy transport. And since they are upright, they are easy to pack and unpack as well.

In addition, you can pack small display cases in luggage-style transport cases, which are typically lined with foam to provide added protection.

Large display cases that are being transported by truck should be packed in shipping cases made of heavy duty, durable materials like polyethylene. The interior should offer foam or other materials that optimize the protection of the display case during transit. When you purchase your trade show display, ask for packing and shipping case recommendations to protect your investment.

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