Why Trade Show Shipping Cases are Your Next Best Investment

The flights are booked. The hotels are reserved. Staff members are scheduled and all that is pending for your next successful expo is the day of travel and the shipping of your display gear. If you're an exhibitor, you know that, over time, the loss or damage of exhibit equipment during transit is not a matter of if, but when. It’s only natural you want to secure your trade show displays while they are in transit.

As your travel increases with expo series across the nation and globe, you can bet that, at some point, you will be standing with a convention center's shipping and receiving representative inquiring about the whereabouts of your exhibit. While there is little you can do to control errors in transit, there are ways you can protect your booth products and displays before shipping and post-setup.

trade show shipping cases

If you are a frequent exhibitor, the following explains why you should put trade show shipping cases at the top of your purchase list. In fact, exhibit shipping cases may be your next best investment.

A High-Quality Case Safeguards Your Exhibit

Many booth exhibits are made to be flexible, while taking up minimal space and being cost-effective. These compact displays and their accessories need to be packaged well in order to preserve their longevity. You'll save more in the long run when you invest in packing practices that keep your display assets like new

Upgrade to a quality-constructed case that can house everything from portable conference walls to kiosks and printables to point-of-sale systems. A custom container for your devices ensures your portable gadgets are protected.

Are you shipping to a lead representative who will be at the trade show on your behalf? You certainly don't want to get feedback the day of the event that there are missing exhibit components or only a partial shipment was received. Investing in a quality case keeps everything together and in top notch condition, while also making it easier to track when and if there is a hiccup mid-haul.

Expedite Exhibit Setup and Security

Whether you're hauling booth displays through the terminal or the trade show exhibition hall, having your gear in shipping cases with wheels makes it a lot easier to move and to monitor.

Exhibit shipping cases with wheels

It isn't uncommon for exhibit halls to limit the number of dolleys on setup day. Making multiple trips lugging your heavy equipment can lead to times when the items in your booth are left unsupervised.

Utilize only approved shipping containers by the major air shippers or freight providers. Have your exhibit gear delivered to you at your booth, whenever possible. Then, have it wheeled away with ease just in time for your first flow of oncoming trade show visitors. 

Image Equates to Importance

People psychologically perceive items to be of greater value when their presentation suggests it. This impression promotes better care and attention. A heavy-duty shipping case is more likely to garner extra focus and crush complacency through the many hands it passes through.

This is incredibly important to remember. If your gear is lost, stolen or damaged, the price this can cost you far outweighs the actual retail value of the contents. Rather, your banners, displays, products and marketing materials are valued at the immeasurable cost of success for your brand and its reputation. 

For example, if your product shows up ruined – or worse, doesn't show up at all – you are out the cost of booth rental, vendor pay, transportation and lodging, and most devastatingly, the invaluable cost of brand exposure and customer acquisition. Not having product available or fully functional is not a risk worth taking or paying for.

Customize for Max Portability and Protection

Do you have fragile exhibit display equipment? Consider foam padding in your trade show shipping containers. What about expensive gear that cannot be replaced in a timely fashion? Lock it up with shipping cases that have locking mechanisms or added hardware for safekeeping.

From shoulder straps to wheels and inner shelving to content compartments, you can choose trade show shipping cases that are as unique as your booth displays. With the wide range of trade show shipping cases available, investing in them sooner rather than later is your next wisest step in exhibit protection and portability. 


This article on trade show shipping cases was written by trade show expert Ryan Szczygiel of Trade Show Displays US. Mr. Szczygiel's exhibit company is recognized for its cutting-edge selection, attractive designs, and fast turnaround.

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