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Benefits and Selection Tips for Exhibit Booth Carpeting

Arranging for tradeshow carpet is something presenters sometimes overlook in the midst of managing all of the details required to prepare an exhibit for show participation. Yet, the right carpet choice can effectively coordinate all of the elements in your booth and markedly enhance the impact of your display.

In addition to visual appeal, tradeshow carpeting keeps booth workers more comfortable while they stand for hours in your booth. Carpeting also makes it more pleasurable for visitors to peruse your exhibit and watch your presentations.

Tradeshow organizers sometimes rent out carpets for presenters. Rental can be expensive and carpet choices are typically limited.

Therefore, it is usually better to bring your own carpeting that matches your exhibit, if your tradeshow budget will allow. If you exhibit at a number of events during the year, a carpeting purchase will represent a good investment compared to renting on a per show basis. Moreover, with just a little care, you can make your carpet last for years.

Yet, if you have limited storage space, only exhibit one or two times a year, or update the look of your display on a regular basis, renting may be a better option.

Choosing Exhibit Carpet

Your carpet plays a vital role in the way you present your brand to tradeshow goers. So, choose attractive carpeting that:

  • Coordinates with the color tones of your display graphics;
  • Differentiates your booth from others in the exhibition hall;
  • Enhances the overall appearance of your exhibit; and
  • Helps grab the attention of event attendees.

There are a variety of tradeshow carpet options from which to choose, including interlocking carpet tiles, printed carpeting featuring your logo and other graphics, and rolled carpet.

Interlocking Carpet Tiles

Interlocking carpet tiles are appealing because they are easy to install and take apart and therefore eliminate hassle. Interlocking carpet tiles typically come in 10x10 inch interlocking blocks, 10x10 foot squares, or large custom dimensions that enable you to order exactly what you need for your booth.

Printed Carpeting

Printed carpeting features graphics and images that accent the design of your tradeshow booth and drive tradeshow traffic. You can provide your company name, logo, tagline, graphics or photos to the carpet manufacturer for imprinting on your booth carpet.

Rolled Tradeshow Carpeting

Carpet by the roll is available in a variety of colors, thicknesses, styles, and dimensions to suit your needs. Rolled carpets are popular with tradeshow presenters because they are convenient, affordable, and easy to set up.

Other Carpet Tips

Using different colors of carpeting is an effective way to divide your booth, guide people through a larger exhibit, and direct people to specific areas of your display.

You can attract more attention to your exhibit area by adding some glitter to your carpet. The exhibition hall lights will make the glitter sparkle and grab the eye of those who may otherwise pass by without looking in your direction.

You can also eliminate boundaries and make your exhibit look larger by using carpeting that is similar to the carpeting or floor color used in the aisles of the tradeshow venue. Selecting a light-colored carpet will also make your booth area look bigger. 

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