Exhance Exhibit Appeal with a
Trade Show Table Cover

A trade show table cover or is an important component in your overall booth design and can serve as the crowning touch to make your exhibit even more aesthetically pleasing to conference attendees.

Whether a solid color, or imprinted with your company’s logo or other graphic design, exhibit table cover options come in a variety of different styles, sizes and materials.  You can imprint your company information directly on the table cover – or use a plain, colored tablecloth together with an imprinted contrasting runner.

Cloth sizes typically range from four to 10 feet wide and can be ordered in standard table or bar height. Custom sizing is also available from some display companies. Style options include:

  • Four-sided: With this style, a table that can be seen from all sides can be covered on all sides, and completely cover items stored under the table. 
  • Three-sided: These allow your staff to sit behind the table.
  • Top and front cover: Easy to fold and store, and the least expensive.
  • Barrel cover: These are a nice complement for round tables in your display area and provide ample space for imprinting your message.

There are two primary size options:

  • Fitted corners will work if you always use the same-size table.
  • Draped corners are more adaptable and thus handy if you use tables of varying sizes.

Choosing fabrics for table covers depends on how you plan to use them:

  • Knit polyester is wrinkle resistant, lightweight, easy to take care of, and practical for most indoor displays.
  • Nylon is good for outdoor exhibits and is durable, washable.
  • Vinyl is the most resilient and your best choice if significant wear and tear is a concern.

Click here for more information on table covers for your exhibit: trade show table cloths.

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