Display Stand Trends for Exhibiting at Trade Shows

Any aspirational business person wants to stay ahead of the competition and have his or her company appear cutting-edge when exhibiting at trade shows.

But, how do you stand out from the crowd with so much competition?

One thing to consider is an innovative display stand that exploits some of the latest trends in the industry. Following are some of the exciting, new display trends to help you attract more attention at your next trade show.

Use Fabric

Turning up at a trade show with a conventionaroller banner or classic pop-up display may be acceptable at smaller events. But, if you want to make an impact at larger, competitive shows, it is opportunistic to consider a more modern, eye-catching display.

At major events, you may well be up against your main rivals, with attendees on the lookout for companies that can demonstrate they are at the forefront of the industry.

With only a few seconds to make that vital first impression, fabric display stands are one of the hottest trends in the industry due to their sleek modern design and seamless printed graphics.

There are a huge selection of different fabric display stands available including fabric banner stands, pop up displays, modular stands and even fabric counters.

They also have the advantage of being lighter than many conventional display stands, with foldable graphics that pack away into easy-transportable carry bags.

Illuminate Your Stand

LED lighting is a real "game changer" for display stands, with streamline lights now able to illuminate the stand from the inside. Rather than using a spotlight to partially illuminate some of your display area, LED lighting can be incorporated inside your stand (providing you use a semi-transparent print material, such as fabric), providing an evenly spread light that will dazzle passers-by.

Internal lighting isn’t just restricted to display backwalls or light boxes. Counters, arches and even hanging displays all offer the potential to be backlit.

Integrate Visual Technology into your Stand

Visual content is a great way to make your display stand more engaging, with attendees more likely to learn about your product or service after seeing it in use in a video or other visual mediums, such as a website.

Video content can now become a part of your display stand thanks to the latest technological breakthroughs. Rather than displaying a monitor on a separate mount away from your display, slimline monitors and tablets can now fit seamlessly into your stand’s backwall, allowing people to independently interact with your display stand itself.

For those wanting to be extra innovative, augmented reality (AR) is now becoming much more cost-effective for use with display stands. This means that users can scan certain patterns on your display stand and the AR elements will appear through the user’s viewpoint. This is a great way to create a more interactive display where space is limited.

Go Green

As awareness of environmental issues grows, businesses are being judged more and more on the environmental footprint of their actions. And, trade shows no exception.

That’s why a growing number of exhibitors are making sure their display stands aren’t "throwaway" products, as the majority were in the past. There are several options for reusable display stands, with modular exhibition stands particularly useful.

These display systems can be re-used for different sizes of floor space by adding and removing graphics, meaning they can be used for several shows rather than just used as a one-off.

There are also display systems made from recyclable materials, as well as ones where the graphic can be replaced rather than requiring a completely new system every time.

Going green can also be a meaningful selling point for your business, helping to show you are a company focused on social responsibility.

From using a fabric display to integrating visual devices into your exhibit, there are plenty of display stand trends that can help you stand out from the crowd.

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