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Aside from the commercial opportunities from showcasing, interacting and engaging with customers at exhibitions, the finer details of leaving a lasting impression can often go unnoticed beneath the weight of a show's public relations exercise.

Making a positive, lasting impression is essential to meeting your exhibiting goals and developing business relationships that allow your company to stand out from the hundreds of other exhibitors. Marketing and networking at these events are powerful strategies – and the type of exhibition stand you use is crucial to showcasing your offerings.


Thorough planning, orderliness and professionalism are required to reflect the reputation of your business and create impact with potential customers. Meticulously plan the components of your exhibit, special equipment, materials, staffing, product demonstrations, and more to ensure your message gets across with power and punch.

Focal Point

Having a focal point in your booth area to highlight your product or service is key to successful sales. Too much clutter and information can distract from what you are promoting. Use simple, striking design and layout techniques, along with special lighting, to make your offering the star of the event. Hiring the services of a quality, experienced exhibition stand company can be invalvuable to your effectiveness at a show.

In your pre-show communications, let people know what you are highlighting during the event. Create excitement among current customers, as well as potential buyers. Incent people to visit your display area by offering an exclusive promotional item, special offer, "how to" booklet or sweepstakes entry for a sought-after prize.


Promotional items and unique giveaways that have a high perceived value among your prospects are a great way to draw attention to your offerings. Quality is key.

Customize the products with your brand name and make sure what you choose relates in some way to your business. Pens and pencils often fail to inspire so try to think outside the box.

Digital Interactivity

Attract booth visitors by adding an attractive digital element for interaction. A large screen with an electronic game, digital challenge, contest, or product demonstration will create buzz and attract people to your exhibit. Just be sure that there is a tie-in to your product or service.

The digital involvement will help drive conversation and enable your booth team to engage with potential prospects. Make sure your staff is well trained on how to get prospects involved with your technology and then engage them afterwards to understand needs and collect lead information.

Social Media

Using social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others can help promote your exhibition and create excitement before, during and even after the show.

Use social media to make catchy announcements, share information about your booth location, promote contests, and entice people to stop by your booth for a special offer.

During the trade show, collect social media information (as appropriate) as part of your lead data, so you can follow-up with participants in a variety of ways. Send messages about limited-time sales, new product information, and thank people for their interest in your business.

In conclusion, your booth display must be highly appealing, stand out from others at the show, and encourage interaction with potential buyers. It must be designed to enable you to accomplish your exhibiting objectives, as measured by the number of customer contacts, sales leads and sales orders.

Always remember that your exhibition stand – and the performance of your staff – serve as a reflection of your company and products.

This article on exhibition tips was written by James Barnett on behalf of www.nimlok.co.uk. Mr. Barnett writes research articles covering innovative business strategies and exhibition marketing.

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