Going Green is the Latest Trend in Trade Show Displays

by Kristin Hovde

In Line Eco System Displays

In Line Eco System Displays

Everyone is starting to take steps towards becoming more eco-friendly, both in their personal and professional lives, and the trade show industry is no different. There are several things I have noticed being incorporated into trade show displays to become a little more "green."

Use Sustainable Convention Booths

There are now lines of display systems that are made entirely out of eco-friendly materials, using recycled/recyclable aluminum frames and graphic panels, LED lights for less energy usage and costs, and bamboo shelves.

Add Recycle Bins

Both attendees and exhibitors spend hours walking on the convention floor, so most will have water bottles, pop cans, or coffee styrofoam cups with them. Don't just give them a place to toss these items, but give them the chance to recycle them. Place clearly labeled recycle bins outside of your display system.

Limit Your Amount of Printed Literature

These days, most people would rather go to a website instead of collecting dozens of brochures that will just end up in the trash. Hold presentations at your trade show exhibit to relay all of the information you would have printed on paper. At the end of the presentation, ask if your audience would like a copy of that presentation. If the answer is yes, collect their email addresses and send it to them. Not only will this save you money, but it will be much more convenient for the attendees.

It is exciting to see how exhibitors are opting to reduce wastes and become "green." Looking forward to seeing what other trade show trends will begin shaping the industry.

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