Tension Fabric Displays

by Barbara Jane Radcliff - Ontario, Canada

Tension fabric displays are popular among trade show exhibitors because they are easy to set up, offer a lot of flexibility, and are cost-effective. Here is a look at some of the features and benefits of using tension fabric in your tradeshow exhibit.


Tension fabrics are subject to the process of dye-sublimation, which involves the use of heat and pressure. During the process digital color images are transferred to the fabric for a striking effect.

The process of dye-sublimation offers a visual appeal like few other display forms. This creates a vibrant and long-lasting image, which can endure rough use and exposure. The process also prevents the fabric from undergoing any kind of wear and tear for a long time. The image that is embedded on the fabric does not have running colors, and does not smear or peel off from the fabric it is on.


Tension fabric is available in different configurations. The fabric is provided with an opaque liner to prevent shadowing when used to create fabric displays. These types of exhibits have a zipped fabric cover that comes in the form of a pillow case. The entire stretch of fabric can be packed in a bag, which can be transported quite easily. The fabric is eco friendly and easily recyclable.


Tension fabric is extremely lightweight, which facilitate ease of portability. This also makes it easy to assemble and dismantle fabric displays. No special tools are required for this and it is mostly a one-man job. Also while assembling, the fabrics can easily be stretched and fastened across a light weight frame.

These can be attached to the aluminum frame using magnets, Velcro or fasteners of various types. Different models are also used as pop-up displays by stretching the fabric between the frames of the display stand.

The fabric is durable and can be washed easily. It can be hand rinsed using a mild detergent. This type of fabric is easily suited for machine wash as well. Another feature of the fabric is that it can be ironed out painlessly. It has to be done on the reverse side, so that the display graphics do not start flaking in the long run.


Tension fabrics allow a high level of customization to create outstanding trade show exhibit pieces. They are wrinkle free, can be stretched, twisted and layered in accordance with your design preferences. This feature allows a lot of room for uniqueness and creative application.

These types of exhibits are mostly used as focal pieces in and around the trade show booth. You can also integrate the fabric exhibits with other display forms to create a uniform look.

This type of displays can be smaller and minimalist or elaborate and graphics-rich. You can use the fabric to print alluring photographic images. Even three-dimensional visual effects can be created by using tension fabrics.

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