Today's Fabric Displays

by Barbara Jane Radcliff - Ontario, Canada

Today's fabric displays represent a significant departure from the past and offer long-lasting durability with a striking presence. Design-wise, you can replicate graphics and images on fabric in many eye-catching ways such as creating 3d-effects with tension fabric material.

You also have the flexibility of choosing your display panel. Modern fabric exhibits come in different types- freely suspended ones, hanging displays, fabric banner stands, pop-up displays etc.

Use of fabric exhibits in trade show booths

Fabric displays are great options for trade shows as they come in various sizes and can be customized easily. If your trade show booth has a large area, you can consider fabric exhibits that are free hanging.

This helps in the proper utilization of space in trade show booths. If your booth space is smaller, you can consider having a table top fabric display.

Fabric exhibits can also be used as free standing banners or pop-ups. These displays can be used inside the booth, to make use of any free space inside the booth area. You can also use these fabric banner stands outside your booth to draw the attention of potential customers. These types of fabric exhibits are mounted on light weight aluminum frames that lend the necessary support.

Fabric exhibits can be accessorized in many ways, which is another reason why this display form is so popular. Tension fabrics, can be twisted, layered and manipulated in different ways to create the desired visual impact.

Fabric displays also make use of buttons, panel snaps, Velcro and other fasteners to fit the fabric exhibits together and disband them as well.

Incorporating texts and images

When it comes to incorporating texts and images as part of the advertising material, fabric exhibits are quite adaptive. They can be customized to include images and texts that best represent your company at the event.

Durability of the material

The kind of fabric used in displays is long lasting and sturdy, allowing you to use them for multiple trade shows and marketing events. You can fold the fabric any number of times as it is wrinkle free, without the print cracking or peeling off.

The material used in fabric exhibits can be washed at home using a mild detergent. They are durable enough for a machine wash, although a hand wash is always preferred. You can wash the fabrics anytime they get soiled or dusty, dry them and use mild ironing for a fresh and clean look. Basically, cleaning and maintaining fabric exhibits is hassle-free.

Designing your fabric displays is like creating artwork - you can use your imagination and skills to develop elaborate and one-of-kind exhibits that make you stand out on the trade show floor. You can consider buying them or renting them from a trade show rental company.

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