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Using persuasive, proven phrases and words in your tradeshow marketing efforts can make a pivotal difference in your ability to draw prospects to your display exhibit, garner interest in for your product, and make achieve incremental sales.

Every word you use can potentially have a positive or negative impact on the sales process... whether you're creating banner messages, designing sales materials, developing advertisements, or talking directly with a prospect.

Since exhibitors only have a few seconds in a busy conference hall to make a positive impression on tradeshow attendees, choosing the "right" words consistently in all points of contact can be extremely important.

Following are five proven tradeshow marketing words that help exhibitors more effectively communicate, sell and accomplish revenue goals.

Word #1: "You"

This may be among the most important word for exhibitors -- and all marketers. After all, it isn't about what a business is selling or the features products offer. Rather, to be successful you have to talk abut benefits products provide that are meaningful to your target audience.

Using the word "you" makes it easier to connect with your target audience and draw a direct line from your products to how they can satisfy the needs of potential buyers.

Word #2: "Free"

It is human nature to be attracted to something that is being given away at no cost. Tradeshow attendees are naturally attracted to a booth when there is an appealing giveaway, product samples or other items of perceived value such as a relevant "how to" tip sheet, industry trend report, discounted product vouchers, or a complimentary consultation or webinar.

The key is to offer something that relates to your company and product -- and represents something your prospects want. Then, give booth visitors just enough value that they want to know more.

Word #3: "Guaranteed"

Offering a guarantee is a way to garner trust from prospects who are not familiar with your business. A guarantee shows that you stand behind the quality and delivery of your product.

It ensures customers will get everything they expect from your product or they will get their money back -- without a hassle. Either way, the clients win, and they like those kind of odds. 

Word #4: "Safe"

Potential customers typically do not want to take high risks to address their challenges and solve problems with which they're already dealing. They want a trustworthy, easy solution that's going to end their worrying.

Therefore, whether you're dealing with money, health or personal well being, touting the safety of your product is key. By assuring your customers that your product is safe and will help them, they will be more inclined to buy from you.

Word #5: "Results"

No matter what you're selling, customers want one thing: results. And you need to communicate the specific results they can expect in all aspects of tradeshow marketing.

Prospective buyers must make the connection between your products or services and the idea that you'll provide them with the results they seek. Results need to be emphasized in banners, brochures advertisements, and sales pitches.

"These words might seem simple enough on their own. But, add them to a great marketing message, and you'll find that your tradeshow marketing efforts will grab and hold the attention of attendees." says Chris Harmen, a writer for Skyline Trade Show Displays. "You'll get a higher conversion rate and a better overall return on investment," she added.

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