How to Choose an Exhibit Builder

Selecting the right exhibit builder can make the difference between a good custom display and one that maximizes your impact at trade shows.

Your trade show display reflects your company image, so hiring a talented, experienced exhibit company is essential to your reputation and sales effectiveness. Expert designers and booth producers will ensure that your display has a professional appearance, delivers your message with impact, and effectively grabs the attention of convention hall visitors.

Selecting Your Exhibit Display Company

You can begin your search for a display builder by asking for referrals from your industry association, colleagues or doing an online query for trade show display companies.

Most reputable exhibit companies have their own websites, where you can view their portfolios and learn more about the range of services they offer.

You may also want to consider attending a trade show in an unrelated industry and see if there are particular booth designs and styles you like. Then ask booth staff for the name of their exhibit company.

Some trade show display companies only provide design and production of the booth, while others also assist with shipping, staffing, set up, take down, and the creation of promotional literature, among other services.

Begin your search process by evaluating a number of trade show exhibit companies by...

  • Finding out how long they’ve been in business and ask for the credentials of those who will be working on your display
  • Looking at each company's portfolio of exhibits in different price ranges
  • Asking for and checking references from current and past clients
  • Learning exactly what services they offer and if they contract any of the services to others
  • Inquiring about their approach to exhibit development to ensure they take the necessary time to understand your company and needs.
  • Confirming whether the exhibit builder can meet your timing and budget requirements

Based on the responses you've received, you should be able to either select one preferred company with which to work or narrow your options to two or three. If you have narrowed your choices, you can request a proposal from the final contenders before making your decision.

Either way, be sure to get all commitments in writing that detail the work to be accomplished, timing and budget.

Tips for Working with an Exhibit Firm

Before you start working with a trade show exhibit builder, it is essential to know exactly what you want to accomplish with your trade show display. Some basic information you’ll want to share include the size of the exhibit, the due date, the show opening date, any special requests you may have, and your budget.

The more details you provide, the better equipped the producer will be to create an exhibit that's well tailored to your needs. Make sure that the trade show exhibit company understands the nature of your industry and knows which products/services you are going to promote at your booth.

While it is important to know exactly what you want your trade show booth to accomplish, it is also beneficial to be flexible and remain open to your booth designer's ideas and suggestions. An experienced display company will likely come up with concepts and possibilities you hadn't considered before.

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