Trade Show Booth Accessories

Effective use of trade show booth accessories can make a meaningful difference in how your product is presented on the event floor. Display accessories can also be used to help draw the attention of passersby and maximize exposure in the exhibition hall.

The following booth accessories will provide ideas to help you make a lasting impression at your next trade show. 

Trade Show Booth Lighting

Proper lighting makes products look their best at trade show booths. Accent lighting adds definition and texture to objects, while spotlights provide a highly focused beam of bright light that can be directed at a flagship product during demonstrations.

A "gobo" light, which is a form of stage lighting that projects a desired pattern of light and/or shadow effect, can be used to project an image (such as your company logo or message) on the floor or wall of your booth.

Architectural lights work well to highlight your entire tradeshow display area. Selective use of strobe lights can serve as an attention-getter.

Audio and Video

Consider adding audio and video to your trade show presentations to create a more engaging and informative display. Professionally produced video presentations are likely to pique the interest of trade show attendees.

A sound system can also come in handy at trade shows, assuming that the trade show hosts allow their use. With a sound system, your trade show business presentations will be clear and audible. Playing soft background music or an audio presentation about your products while people browse your booth is another effective way to promote a positive sales environment.

If you choose to play background music at your booth, however, avoid playing stereotypical elevator music. Select music that aligns with your brand image, but don’t let it overpower your presentation.

Cohesive Booth Components

Featuring custom graphics, large color images, or logos, hanging banners will help you stand out from the crowd at large trade shows.

Work with an experienced booth designer will help ensure your display area fully supports your branding and sales needs. For more information on selecting a display company and exhibit type, click here: Choosing an Exhibit Company.

The style and materials you use for your booth furniture, display areas, literature racks, countertops, writing surfaces and other trade show booth accessories send a distinct message about the quality of your company.

Be sure that everything in your booth is coordinated and supports your product reputation. This includes the color, design and materials used for trade show table cloths, skirting and flooring, which also contribute to the image you are projecting. Even how your marketing materials are displayed sends a message about your company.

The sheer size of many trade shows makes it challenging for trade show participants to stand out. However, the right trade show booth accessories and graphics can help you attract more attention and draw in a much larger crowd at your next trade show. 

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