Paperwork after Registering Your
Exhibit Trade Show Booth Display 

So you plan to use your exhibit trade show booth display to introduce a new product, as part of your overall marketing launch. You’ve identified what conferences you want to attend and have submitted your exhibitor registration application. Now, you need to be prepared for the onslaught of paperwork that follows for each show you attend. 

Once your registration is processed, you’ll receive a hefty information packet – either electronically or in the mail – from the conference sponsor. The packet includes booth space information, forms to complete, area information, and other guidelines about the event. While tedious, you need to carefully review the entire packet and make note of deadlines for returning forms and other requested information.

As you read your materials, confirm that you have been given the booth location that you requested with your registration application (and if not, contact the show sponsor right away).

Carefully complete forms that allow you to request specific conference services, equipment rentals, cleaning requirements, floral arrangements, etc. Take note of guidelines and access to power, lighting and plumbing to ensure you have everything you need for your exhibit trade show booth display.

Look for marketing and publicity activities that the show host makes available to all exhibitors (and be sure to do your own marketing, as well.)  Also see if there are speaker or sponsorship opportunities, along with any other ways to maximize your exposure, in addition to your own promotional efforts and manning your booth.

Review shipping guidelines and where to pick up and store your items once you arrive at the conference site. Finally, take note of retailers and restaurants located close to the exhibit hall in the event you need to make a last minute purchase or reservations for client dinner meetings.

Taking the time to carefully review the materials in your packet and then ensuring accuracy and timeliness of form submission will put you on the road to success.

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