Trade Show Jobs

Variety of Roles Contribute to Event Success

People serving in a range of trade show jobs contribute to exhibiting success and are crucial to maximizing event outcomes. Of course, a top-notch sales team is crucial to generating potential business at the show. Yet, there is a tremendous amount of pre-planning and logistics involved before the event to help ensure goal achievement.

Some examples of trade show positions and responsibilities include:

Show Coordinators and Sales Assistants 

These are the individuals who often serve as the liaison with the show sponsor to handle registration, related paperwork, booth shipping, and other critical details. They may arrange travel, coordinate pre-show and follow-up marketing, order special signage, etc.

While most companies prefer to use their own in-house staff in these key trade show positions, professional sales assistants hired from outside the company can provide important back-up, from initially engaging potential customers to product demonstrations. 

Technical Support Staff

If a company’s product is technical in nature, it is likely that the sales staff will need assistance from the company’s information technology group. In house computer professionals will likely be consulting before the event to ensure all equipment has been tested and ready for the show.

They may also join the sales team and work the exhibit booth to be available to answer complex questions from prospects and/or fix any technical issues that arise during the event. 

Promotional Talent

Entertainers, magicians, celebrities and models are sometimes hired by companies to work the booth and help make an exhibit stand out.

Entertainers and magicians may give live performances at designated times, celebrities may be on hand to sign autographs, and models may help pass out literature. All of these individuals have one mission: to attract visitors to the booth.

While all of these job responsibilities contribute to an exhibit’s success, it is incumbent on your sales staff to establish relationships with prospects who are visiting your booth and turn them into viable leads for future sales. 

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