Benefits of Corrugated Plastic Signs and Promotional Displays

If you are looking for a durable and highly affordable way to heighten booth visibility at a trade show, consider using imprinted corrugated plastic for your signs and promotional displays.

Chances are you have seen signage made from this plastic. Political signs, sandwich boards, and store displays are often made from this material. Yet, corrugated plastic can also be used effectively at trade shows to amplify your message, serve as brochure holders and create promotional displays.

Advantages of Using Corrugated Plastic in Your Exhibit Area

Excellent Printing Quality: The material is easy to print on so businesses can cost-effectively customize signs and other booth components with eye-catching graphics that showcase a sale, slogan, or logo.

Cost-effective: Compared to the cost of other printed products, such as tents and feather flags, corrugated plastic is much more affordable and durable. 

Corrugated plastic signs are resilient and can be used for inside or outside venues. The material holds up to rain and water - and keeps looking like new.

Highly Durable: Signs and displays made from corrugated plastic look good as new after repeated use both indoors and outdoors. Rain and snow do not damage the graphics or the shape of the sign. Though, intentionally bending the sign can create a permanent crease. 

Lightweight and Easy to Use: The plastic material is lightweight and easy to carry in one hand. A sign or promotional display made from corrugated plastic can be set up on the ground, hung from a ceiling, mounted to a wall, or staked into the ground. 

Others Uses for Corrugated Plastic Displays

Some exhibitors print fun selfie frames from corrugated plastic and use them as trade show giveways (if they are small) or as photo props (if they are large) to attract booth visitors. The frames are made in a rectangular shape with the center cut out. This leaves a border that can be imprinted with your company name or hashtag. Once the photos are taken, the selfies can be uploaded to social media to further brand awareness.

One of the most popular uses for corrugated plastic is for happy birthday yard signs that are die-cut into the shape of each individual letter and supported by stakes to be displayed outdoors.

These colorful yard letters are used in professional settings such as corporate offices, medical clinics, hospitals and retail establishments, as well as in front lawns of residential homes.

Examples of business applications for the plastic lettering include the following.    

  • Announcing grand openings
  • Promoting sales and specials
  • Celebrating employees
  • Congratulating local students or teams
  • Thanking workers
  • Showing appreciation to customers
  • Promoting new services 

In recent times, these signs have been used to send positive messages and to thank essential workers. Doing this in front of your business heightens your company's image in your community and among the individuals you serve – customers and employees alike. 

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