Pop Up Trade Show Display

Options that Enhance Impact and Utilization

A pop up trade show display creates a professional and striking backdrop for your exhibit booth. These versatile displays are easy to set-up and dismantle - and come in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate your exhibiting requirements.

In addition to trade shows, they can also be used in a variety of other marketing and presentation venues.Following is an overview of the types of pop up displays available.

Standard Pop Up Displays

A popular choice among exhibitors, these standard-sized pop up trade show displays can be seen at most trade shows. They usually come in 8' or 10' widths and are approximately 8' high. They are ideal when exhibiting at a number of events or traveling from location-to-location to make company announcements or press briefings.

The folding frame of a pop up trade show display is normally made of fiberglass or aluminum tubes. The frame is covered with display panels that are either velcro-ready fabric panels or printed graphics.

Before the frame is made to pop up trade show display, it comes folded down to a unit approximately 8" square by 30" wide. When it is unfolded, the frame pops up to a skeleton approximately 8' or 10' wide by about 8' high. This frame normally weighs around fifteen pounds and is stable enough to sit on the floor without any anchoring or external support.

The panels that cover the frame are about 30" wide by 8' high and adhere to the frame with magnetic strips. When they are taken off the frame, the panels are flexible enough to be rolled up so they fit in a lightweight carrying case, which also serves as a shipping case.

Fabric Wall Displays

The fabric display uses the same kind of folding frame as the standard pop up display. Yet it does not need additional graphic panels or a mechanism to attach them to the frame.

Instead, the fabric display comes with a specially-printed fabric graphic that is already attached to the frame. So all you have to do is take the unit out of the carrying case and pull it up so it is fully unfolded. It is highly portable and the brightly-printed durable fabric stretches smooth as it unfolds.

Like a standard pop up trade display, fabric displays are available in 8' and 10' widths, as well as in narrower width of 4’ that can be used instead of banner stands.

The panels are normally printed with a process called dye-sublimation where the color is transferred right into the fabric. That makes them stain and scuff resistant and guarantees that they will retain their appearance for several years.

Vinyl Banner Backdrop

The vinyl banner backdrop is a low cost solution for creating a graphic wall for your trade show space. It consists of an adjustable tubular frame that telescopes from 3' and 8' wide and 4' and 8' high. Larger frames can be purchased as well, but the 8' x 8' (fully extended) model is the most popular.

A full color vinyl banner is mounted on the frame by using pole pockets at the top and bottom, and the frame sits on the floor. For easier handling and shipping, the large vinyl banner is produced in 4' widths and the pieces are held together by magnets. Although this system is a bit more difficult to assemble than a fabric pop up, it is only about half the cost.

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