"Green" Pop Up Displays

Importance of Environmentally Friendly or Green Pop Up Displays & Exhibits

Many pop up banners and displays frequently seen at trade shows are produced with methods that can damage the environment. An effective and easy way to save money, while projecting a socially conscious image for your business, is to make sure your display is made with materials that do not harm the planet.

Displays, signs, and banner stands are a great way to draw attention at any trade show. They are also highly effective for presenting your brand positioning and delivering your marketing message in a high-impact, memorable way. That’s why pop up banners and displays have become a "must have" for many successful businesses.

With large numbers of companies competing for attention at trade fairs, exhibitors are always seeking the newest, trendiest displays to attract prospects to their booth area.

This results in trade show displays being used for shorter periods of time, with many ending up in landfills.

Depending on the materials used to build these displays, it could be hundreds – even thousands – of years before they decompose. In addition, many inks and other production processes are harmful to the earth's atmosphere.

The good news is that an increasing number of exhibit producers are switching to environmentally friendly materials. They are also adapting production techniques that can reduce a display's carbon footprint by up to 80 percent.

Choosing different inks and printing techniques will further reduce environmental damage. ISO 14001 is the internationally recognized environmental standard for producers of green trade show displays.

It is also possible to design signs that can be redone rather than replaced. Many exhibit companies will accept trade-ins for a discounted price since they are able to refurbish and resell them to more budget-conscious buyers.

Better for the environment can also be better for a company. Using environmentally friendly pop-up displays shows a company has a social conscious and it also provides a number of other practical advantages.

The materials used to make green exhibits are often cheaper, which means trade show expenses are reduced. This cost savings could be used to customize exhibits for different shows or update displays more often, allowing companies to stay ahead of the competition.

In addition, the materials used in environmental displays tend to be significantly lighter, which makes transport easier and less expensive.

The environment is a concerning issue worldwide. Having an earth-friendly trade show exhibit shows customers that you care about your imprint on the planet. This can help boost sales and provide a range of other attractive benefits from going green.

Information for this article on green pop up displays was submitted by Marler Haley UK, an industry leader in environmental portable display systems. 

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