Advantages of a Pop up Display

A tradeshow pop up display is ideal choice for exhibitors when convenience, cost-savings, and portability are top priorities. These portable displays come in floor and tabletop models and can be used in combination to create a high-impact exhibit that is easy and quick to assemble. 

When unpacked from its hard-sided travel case, the display's aluminum frame quickly unfolds or "pops up" in a single movement and a locking systems secures it in place.

Durable, wrinkle-free fabric displaying vivid graphics is attached to the frame and can be easily changed and updated. The entire exhibit can be set up and disabled in minutes.

Pop up exhibits can be accessorized and lights can be easily attached to the frames for greater visibility in the exhibition hall.

Display cases often serve double duty by converting into attractive counters that can be used to enhance the display booth area, as well as provide convenient storage for giveaways, marketing materials, and other items.

Portable displays are less costly than custom trade show exhibits -- and offer greater flexibility. They can be enhanced with extra booth system elements, more easily repaired on-site if damaged in transit, and can be updated by changing the fabric to feature new, compelling graphics and messages.

If you are considering a pop up exhibit, evaluate a number of independent display producers. Compare options, quality, pricing, turnaround time, and design expertise by reviewing examples of exhibits the companies have produced. Confirm delivery details and ask about maintenance and servicing requirement to keep your display in top condition.

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