Tradeshow Tabletop Displays

Tradeshow table top displays are ideal for smaller, regional shows and when large displays are not required. They are appropriate for meetings, presentations, or seminars and can be used as a complement to a larger booth configuration.

Projecting a quality image, these versatile displays are waist-high and perch on top of a draped, eight-foot table. Reasonably priced to accommodate most budget, tabletop exhibits are typically tri-panel construction. Yet, other configurations are available. 

The panels are lightweight and t built to easily fold compactly into handled portfolios for quick set-up and removal. As a result, these displays are readily transported and easily managed by one person.

Since they can be small, the content you have on each panel must provide punch in order to stand out. Use eye-catching, colorful combinations of text and images. The easiest way to make displays is with Velcro on fabric covered panel boards.

The color of the panel fabric will be your basic background. Cool colors such as blue and green are professional and calming, while warm colors like red and yellow are more flashy to attract attention. The color you choose should

  • Appeal to your target audience
  • Project an image consistent with your business
  • Complement your company image and logo

Company signage and/or product name should be highly visible and easy to read. Make your message a simple reflection of who you are and what you offer. You can customize the panel or the fabric itself with company logo or graphics, but these are hard to change and add to the total cost.

If you want your tabletop display to stand out, consider additional lighting that that directs attention to your panels. Halogen lights are good choices and come pre-installed on higher-end panel displays. Ask a representative from the exhibit company where you purchased your tabletop display for recommendations on what lighting will work best to showcase your panels.

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