Tradeshow Exhibit Booths

Working with a Display Provider

How can you ensure your tradeshow exhibit booths will fulfill your event needs and maximize your potential for goal achievement? The process begins with the first meeting you have with the company responsible for producing your exhibits.

If you have selected a reputable display firm with proven expertise and talent, your key contact will know the crucial questions to ask to initiate the project. Yet, come prepared to clearly articulate the following.

What Are Your Goals and Needs? 

Define precisely what you are trying to accomplish through exhibiting. Describe the type of brand image you need portrayed and the key message that must be delivered through the design of your trade show booths. 

At the same time, identify the operational requirements for your booth to support your sales efforts. These factors play a pivotal role in exhibit layout, materials, lighting, graphics, and accessories. 

If you want green tradeshow exhibit booths that are made from eco-friendly materials, be sure to communicate that early on in discussions with your exhibit company. Green displays use less harmful materials in construction that minimize environmental impact. These earth-friendly exhibits can also be a marketing advantage.

Who Are Your Customers?

Provide the exhibit company as much information as you can about your target audience, including buying patterns, motivations, demographics, and geographic factors.

How Does Exhibiting Fit Into Your Overall Marketing Strategy?

Understanding all your sales and marketing methods will help paint a picture of how your exhibit fits into your overall strategy. This will help you take full advantage of all marketing initiatives and the designer will have a good sense of how to integrate your message and graphics for consistency and impact.

What Type of Events will you be Attending?

For the design and size of your display, it will help for your designer to know if you will be going primarily to large national shows held in major convention venues or exhibiting at regional and/or local shows. This will determine the size and elements for your booth.

What is Your Product Image?

It is essential that your trade show exhibit display accurately reflect your company image and culture. Your image and reputation will dictate the look and feel of your trade show exhibit display and impact decisions on color, type, materials, lighting, etc. 

What Are you Willing To Spend?

The amount you allocate in your marketing budget for your exhibit booths requires a sensitive balance between available resources and what you need to accomplish with your booth display. Consider the exhibits as you would any other advertising or sales vehicle.

Forecast how much incremental revenue will result from your exhibiting activity and determine a return on investment. Then work with your designer on ways to minimize your expense without sacrificing image or functionality. 

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