How to Find a Buyer for Your
Used Trade Show Exhibit

You have a used trade show exhibit that you are ready to retire. It is being replaced by a sparkling new booth that better serves your needs. What are your options for getting rid of the old booth and, if possible, recovering a portion of your initial investment?

According to exhibit management expert Candy Adams, a used display can sell for anywhere from 10 to 40 percent of the original purchase price, based on a variety of factors.

The cost will vary depending on age, condition, marketability, size, configuration, and associated expenses for advertising or arranging a trial setup for a serious buyer.

Adams advises to check with your business office to determine the depreciated value of your exhibit so you have a better understanding of pricing options and your departmental budget impact.

How to Find A Buyer

The best place to start sourcing a potential purchaser is to network with colleagues and let them know your booth is for sale. Placing online and print classified or display advertising in exhibit industry and association publications, marketing magazines, area newspapers, and business journals may help locate a buyer for you.

Posting on social media, and including photos of your display, will also help get the word out to your professional network. Your area chamber of commerce may also serve as a source of prospect referrals.

If your used exhibit is in good-to-excellent condition, search online for exhibit display firms. Send an email with photos to see if they are interested in buying your booth to use for rental purposes.

iAnother option to consider is listing your used exhibit on eBay and/or other auction sites that bring buyers and sellers together.

What If You Can’t Sell Your Exhibit?

If your booth is not in good enough condition to sell or you’ve exhausted every avenue to find a buyer, offer to donate your exhibit to an area school, club, agency or other non-profit organization.

If all else fails, discard your used trade show exhibit in an evironmentally friendly way and move on to greater priorities. 

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