Using Feather Flags for Added Awareness

Many businesses place feather flags in front of their storefronts or their trade show booths to grab the attention of passersby. These types of promotional flags are designed specifically for advertising purposes because of their eye-catching swoped shapes that are easily seen and read from a distance.

Feather flags are often custom imprinted, enabling companies and organizations to display their logo, slogan, or message on the material. There are a number of things to consider before buying promotional feature flags. The following information provides insights into how to effectively use promotional flags and determine what type is best for your business.

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Common Places Feather Flags Are Used

Feather-shaped flags are ideal for most any marketing purpose. Companies use them to attract attention and make announcements, such as if a store is holding a sale, a business is hiring, or to advertise specific products and services.  They are  also commonly used at events, such as town fairs, local festivals, industry trade shows, and more.

These banner flags can be used to advertise an entire event or highlight a specific vendor or sponsor. Vendors use these flags so that attendees know where there’s food, Wi-Fi, games, etc.

Due to the height of these flags, people from far away will be able to spot the message. Feather flags are also versatile for indoor and outdoor display. If they are being used outdoors, they are usually secured in grassy or sandy areas, while they are setup on flat, harder floors when indoors.

What Feather Flags Are Right For You?

When buying feather flags, it is important to know where the flag will be setup and the amount of space it has. Think about the design you want printed on your feather flag. How much printing room do you need?

Feather flags are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different settings and designs. Sometimes a shape wider than the classic feather look is needed, while other times shorter flags are required if there is a height limit, such as low ceilings.

The promotional flags also come in different print layouts. Some printing methods have the design visible on both sides (double-sided) while other printing layouts have the graphics visible on one side with the reverse image on the other side (single-reverse).

If your design is text-heavy, consider getting double-sided printing rather than single-reverse printing. Double-sided printing is also helpful if you are trying to advertise your booth or store to people from different directions.

How Do You Set Up Feather Flags?

Feather flags are simple to assemble and usually come with a pole set. These poles are easily connected without the need for tools. The flag banner has a pole sleeve sewn on one side of the flag. The pole sleeve slides down the connected pole set until the flag is taut. The top of the pole sleeve allows the flag to bend, creating its unique shape.

If you are placing the flag indoors or on flat ground outdoors, there should be a base plate or cross base to place on the ground. The bottom of the pole set connects to the top of the base, while a fabric loop on the flag connects to the base.

To stabilize the display more, add weight bags to the base. These weight bags fill up with either sand or water. If you are placing these feather flags outdoors in soft ground, a stake is used. The stake is pushed into the ground until the entire display is stable. The fabric loop on the banner connects to the ground stake for further security.

Popular Pre-Printed Flag Designs

While many businesses get their feather flags custom printed with a design unique to their company, pre-printed designs are also available to reduce cost. Businesses can order flags with common promotional phrases to advertise their business – and save time and money. Some popular pre-printed designs include:

  • Now Hiring
  • Now Open
  • Open
  • Open House
  • For Sale
  • Welcome
  • Food
  • Grand Opening
  • Sale
  • Used Cars
  • USA-themed designs
  • Checkered patterned designs

Some companies also use blank feather flags printed in one stand-out color, which still catches the attention of passersby for a business or event. 

However you choose to use promotional flags, you will find them flexible, attractive, affordable, and easy to use. They are an excellent attention grabber and marketing tool for a full range of promotional needs.

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