Care and Handling of
Trade Show Popup Displays

Popup displays are one among the most popular types of trade show exhibit displays because of their versatility, appealing visual appearance, and ease of transport. These convenient displays consist of a lightweight, collapsible frame where full color graphic panels adhere.

The good news is that once you have unpacked, assembled and positioned your display in your exhibit booth area, very little can go wrong in normal situations.

Yet, when it is time to take down the display and store it until the next show, that's when potential issues can occur.  To help safeguard against potential problems with your display, trade show exhibit expert Rick Hendershot recommends you follow these storage guidelines.

  1. Always roll the graphics with the images facing inwards. This will ensure that the magnetic strips adhered to the back of the panels do not come loose.

  2. Roll the panels individually (not altogether in one big mass) and place them one by one into your carrying case. After panel one panel is rolled and placed in the case, roll the second panel and place it inside the first panel. Follow this procedure until all panels are rolled and packed.. This reduces the stress placed on the panels due to rolling and storing.

  3. Do not keep your panels rolled up in the case for more than a couple of weeks at a time. If you are planning to store your display for an extended period before your next show, you should take the panels out and lay them flat.

  4. Do not store panels in a hot environment. Graphic panels usually consist of more than one layer laminated together, and subjecting them to heat may adversely affect the bonding between layers.

Remember in order to get the maximum life out of your popup exhibit, handle the graphic panels with care. They should not be left rolled for too long, and must always be stored close to normal room temperature.

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