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Interpreting Body Language of Prospects

The ability to read body language among visitors to your trade show exhibit booth can put you at an advantage from a sales perspective. Subliminal signals can be strong indicators of how you should approach and engage potential prospects.

According to author and trade show expert Steve Miller in his book, How to Get the Most out of Trade Shows, you should always watch how attendees approaching your booth walk, stand and use their hands. Miller advises to see if you can make contact to ascertain whether they are willing to talk.

If they slow down and shift their body in the direction of your exhibit area, chances are good that they are interested in hearing what you have to say. Miller also advises to watch for hand and arm signals from the prospect, including the following.

  • Palm Rubbing: a positive sign of eagerness and anticipation, signaling you to move ahead with discussion.

  • Touching the Face: indicates a person is mentally evaluating your product’s appeal. At this point, do not engage in additional conversation. Rather, wait for the prospects to take the next step.

  • Steepling of the Hands: shows confidence and indicates you are giving them information that they want.

  • Arms Folded: sends a "don’t bother me" message. Miller suggests to slow down your presentation and make sure you are addressing the prospect’s needs. Once arms are relaxed, you can take the conversation to the next level.
  • Clenched Fists: obviously a negative signal. Use the same tactics as noted above for folded arms.

  • Legs Crossed at Ankles: this could mean the prospect is tired or not open to a discussion. Again, try to slow down or back-off a bit and make sure your comments appeal to the prospects specific interests

  • Sudden Gestures: watch for shifts in body and hand position as indicators of increasing or decreasing interest levels.

In addition to reading body language among visitors at your trade show exhibit booth, make sure you are sending positive, friendly signals by how you stand, communicate and smile. Miller sums it up by stating, "By consciously sending warm, confident, positive signals at all times, you tell attendees that your are someone worth knowing."

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