Avoid These Staff Blunders in Trade Show Exhibit Displays

Don't do it

It may seem like common sense, but it is not unusual to see well-meaning trade show staff unknowingly hinder exhibiting success through their behavior in and around the booth area.

Without proper training, some staffers may not realize how inadvertent actions and appearances can impact an organization's reputation and sales effectiveness at a show.

The following list of behaviors to avoid should serve as a reminder to your team... and will be especially helpful to individuals who have never before worked at a trade show booth.

Staff Behaviors - "The Don'ts"

  • Don’t neglect to practice and rehearse your sales message. Consistent message delivery is essential to success.

  • Don’t be late. In fact, plan to be early for your booth work schedule.

  • Don't text or talk on the phone while working the booth
  • Don’t eat, drink, chew gum, vape or smoke at or around the booth (even if you think you are out of the line of sight of visitors).
  • Don’t sit down (no matter how much those pups are howling).

  • Don’t engage in discussions with colleagues or friends while you are working your booth. You’ll ignore your visitors.

  • Don’t block the entrance to your booth.

  • Don’t forget your name tag and to always introduce yourself.

  • Don’t neglect to use booth visitors’ names when you speak with them. 

  • Don't forget to ask about prospect's needs and interests -- and to listen intently. This is fundamental to the sales process. 

  • Don’t miss out on each opportunity to get complete lead information from booth visitors. 

  • Don’t waste valuable timing delaying post-show follow-up with prospects. The longer you wait, the less chance you have of converting your leads into customers.

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