Trade Show Stand:
Designing For Success

Trade shows are not just about marketing a company’s products or services. They are also about creating a unique customer experience where visitors can truly engage with the company, its representatives and offerings.

Among the first steps in planning for a trade show is designing your stand and all its features. The look and feel of the trade show stand can make or break your potential to secure leads at an exhibition. It is important to not only have an appealing  design that includes high-profile branding, but also have correct placement of stand elements, including the counter, lights, monitors, signs, flooring and other essentials.

Brand Image and Visual Appeal

According to Michael Yau of Discount Displays Ltd, a company with 30 years in exhibition and trade show stand design, a stand's graphics and design must reflect the organisation's image and reputation, as well as offerings the company wants to promote.

Mr. Yau points out the Google and Adidas stands in the following photos, as examples of how the brands are effectively portrayed. He notes these stands are well designed to be highly visible and experiential. They each make trade show attendees feel like they are walking into a Google office or an Adidas store. Notice the logo placement, screens, lighting, product displays, staff attire, flooring and furniture all coordinate for a powerful visual impact. Adidas even has comfortable chairs for visitors to sit and watch a game.

trade show stand

Designing a trade show stand requires a thorough knowledge of the company’s brand identity and target audience, along with proven design know-how. 

User Experience a Key Priority

The user experience should always be a top consideraton in the design and layout of your booth space.  

  • How will your company’s products and services be portrayed and demonstrated in your exhibit area?
  • How will your design and signage attract visitors to your stand?
  • What technology may be required to enable the customer to enage with your products and services?
  • What will be the appearance, role and requirements of your staff when they greet stand visitors?
  •  How will prospects interact with your representatives?

Mr Yau emphasizes that the stand must be able to give the potential customer an opportunity to experience and enage with the product, if possible. For example, if your company sells software, then have an on-screen demonstration enabling the visitor to interact with the software first hand. For physical products like clothing or tools, have top sellers on hand. For food products, have plenty of samples available.

If you have offerings that cannot be easily demonstrated, then provide visuals, videos, brochures, information sheets, and/or case studies that allow the visitor to get as much information as possible. In addition, you can provide prospects with a list of existing clients, testimonials, research findings, work samples, and free trials. 

Having a nice brochure rack or showcase in your stand area can help display your materials in an attractive style and further promote your business benefits. Well-placed video monitors and computers, as appropriate, will enable multi-media impact.

Choosing a Trade Show Stand Company

When selecting a company to help you design and produce your stand, look for a provider that offers a consultative approach and partners with you throughout the design process. A partnership approach will help ensure your brand and message are effectively portrayed in the stand design, as well as provide a memorable experience for visitors.

Also take into consideration the company's design and production experience, array of ervices, turnaround time, and ability to meet your budget requirements. Also, check references from current clients.

Event participation with a well-designed trade show stand, effective marketing, and a trained booth team can be a highly effective way to meet face-to-face with potentional customers and powerfully market your company. Planning is key to achieving positive outcomes and making your investment as cost-effective as possible

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