Measuring Success for Your
Tradeshow Display Exhibit

Is your tradeshow display exhibit delivering the type of returns you expect and desire? How do you measure success from your event participation?

There are a number of ways to define show objectives and measure the return on investment for your efforts. The most obvious objectives for trade show exhibiting include hard numbers such as lead generation and sales revenue achievement.

Financial measures are essential for all marketing or sales strategies. Yet, you may want to augment how you define success at a given show by examining other options that event participation allows you to accomplish.

Begin by making sure you have a keen understanding of your current market position and the direction your organization is headed. This will put you in a better position to seize opportunities that you have not considered before.

While revenue generation is always top-of-mind, think about the following things you can accomplish during your time at a given conference:

  • Further the reputation of your company and products by purposely engaging fellow exhibitors, event attendees (not in the exhibit hall), and invited guests and speakers

  • Enhance brand awareness by soliciting media coverage and participating in other event programming
  • Extend your marketing reach by scheduling meetings before or after the conference with potential and current customers who live in the area and are not attending the show

  • Solicit prospect and customer opinions (and perceptions) about your products and service levels. Consider handing out a survey or conducting focus groups during non-show hours.

  • Ask for honest feedback from prospects, other exhibitors, convention personnel, and current customers about the appeal of your tradeshow display exhibit. This will give you insights to fine tune your exhibit for greater impact at future events.

  • Focus on customer retention by scheduling a dinner or special meeting with each of your current customers attending the conference, if possible. Build those relationships through individualized attention and you will pave the way to incremental sales.

  • Meet with distributors or other contacts at the show who can help you enhance your products, reduce cost, and/or increase service levels to your customers.

  • Always think about the recruiting potential of the individuals you meet. You never know when you will need to hire another team member (or may be looking for a job yourself.)

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