Selecting a Prime Booth Location
For Your Tradeshow Display

Securing an opportunistic tradeshow display location is like finding a prime piece of real estate for your business. The location is one of the most important factors that will determine whether or not you are successful.

The location of your booth is linked to the amount of traffic that you can attract to your display area, which correlates to the potential number of leads and sales you can ultimately achieve.

While high traffic areas are sought after by exhibitors, there are some high traffic areas that are important to stay away from such as entrances or exits. The entrances and exits of exhibition halls are often so crowded and chaotic that visitors may not notice the tradeshow display booths that are located right next to the door.

From a location selection standpoint, display expert Amy Nutt explains that data shows Americans tend to visit trade show booths located on the right and Europeans tend to visit booths located on their left.

The reason is because people are trained to drive on a certain side of the road or walk on a certain side of a hallway. This pattern also applies to how conference attendees peruse display booths in an exhibition hall.

Therefore, Nutt suggests that depending on where you are in the world when visiting a trade show, one side or the other is going to be more crowded by those just entering the trade show.

Although this may seem like a great opportunity to land sales, the congestion can actually hurt revenue generation because it may be challenging to initiate meaningful conversation with potential customers.

It is also important to ask about the companies that have reserved exhibit space in proximity to your preferred location. You may to avoid positioning yourself adjacent to key competitors or major companies who will have larger, more dynamic displays.

So what's the best location for a tradeshow booth? Look for an area where there is less congestion within expected traffic patterns.

Select a location where your booth may can stand out from others, based on size and graphics, which will allow the greatest visibility for sales success.

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