Advantages of a
Tradeshow Rental Exhibit

A tradeshow rental exhibit can offer meaningful benefits over purchasing a custom display in certain business situations. If your sales and marketing needs do not require you to be constantly on the road promoting your products at different events and conferences, renting a customizable display may be a worthwhile option that saves you money and effort.

Using a tradeshow rental display can help you get around the expenses associated with storage, maintenance, and preparation charges for each show.

Moreover, renting make good sense if you want to try out different booth configurations and sizes before you invest in a custom exhibit for your company.

Display rentals are versatile and allow you to update and change the graphics with each show you attend.

Most exhibit sales and rental companies offer design services and will work with you to develop graphics for your booth that reflect your image and meet your sales requirements. Companies that don't have in-house design and graphics capabilities will typically refer you to experts that provide those services.

If you face the challenge of participating in a lot of shows and having some of them occur concurrently, renting will enable you to more effectively manage doing two or more tradeshows at the same time.

Or, if your company does not attend enough trade shows to warrant buying an exhibit, a rental helps you avoid the substantial cost of designing and constructing an exhibit from scratch.

Often, there are fewer logistics to manage with a tradeshow rental exhibit. Typically your exhibit will be shipped directly to the tradeshow venue.

Rental companies also make it easy for you to return your rental once the event comes to a close. Then, all you need to do is find a safe, dry place to store your customized graphics so you can use them again for a future show – and another rental display.

Many exhibit companies also offer the opportunity for you to buy your rental exhibit if your exhibiting needs change and a purchase is deemed a better option.

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