Trade Show Display Rental
Providing Options and Potenital Savings

A trade show display rental enables companies to actively engage in show participation and/or test the effectiveness of exhibiting without allocating significant dollars for the design and production of their own custom display.

Many businesses do not consider rental exhibits because of concerns about how the display will look and the inconsistent image it may portray to conference attendees. Yet with thoughtful planning and creativity, a trade show display rental can look just as good as a custom-designed exhibit that would cost thousands to produce.

As you begin the selection process for your rental exhibit, make note of the size of your booth space and where you will be located in the exhibition hall. This will help determine the size and configuration of your rental display.

For example, a corner booth area features additional aisle exposure. It will require a larger display that accommodates a traffic pattern and dual-sided layout to fully leverage space positioning and marketing opportunities. Trade show exhibit companies that also rent displays typically have a number of styles, sizes and formats from which to choose. 

In addition, professional exhibit producers typically provide in-house graphic services. Their designers can create high-impact visuals for your rental display that effectively portray your company image and complement other marketing materials. They key is to work closely with designers to ensure a consistent look, feel and message delivery.

As you move forward with the design of your graphic elements, consider your future rental needs. A designer can be able to produce your graphics so they can accommodate different sized rental displays in the future.

Also inquire about the durability of the materials on which your graphics will be printed. If you plan on exhibiting at multiple events, you will want your visuals to maintain a crisp, professional appearance for as long as possible.

In addition to the display itself, consider renting any booth accessories that you may need.

Trade show tables, table cloths, flooring, podiums, banner stands, literature racks and other items can give your display area a top-quality look and further support your staff's sales needs. Companies that rent exhibits also typically offer rentals on booth accessories. 

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