Think "Out of the Box" for Your
Tradeshow Giveaways

How do you make your tradeshow giveaways stand out in a sea of key chains, pens, magnets, and other knick-knacks? You need to find a unique item that is connected to your business and useful to your prospects and customers. 

Unique and Valued

If you’ve attended trade shows before, you have a good idea of the type of items that are handed out from booth to booth.

Take time to work with a supplier to make your promotional item totally different than what an attendee will expect to get at a show.

See if there are any new items on the market that you can use that will have a high perceived value among your prospects – and appropriately reflect your company image.

Connected to Your Business

Give away something that relates to the products or services you are selling. For example, if you are in the software business, consider access to a demo of your product. If you are in healthcare, provide a booklet with tips related to healthier living. Then, give your imprinted item to those who are truly interested in what you have to offer.

Don’t hand out your promotional items to every booth visitor. Rather, selective give them to high potential prospects who you want to convert to customers.

Useful to Prospects and Customers

Rather than being office dust collectors, your tradeshow promotional items should serve a useful function, such as data storage devices like usb drives or other items that promote productivity and success. That way people will keep or use your items – and your brand awareness will be stronger with prospects and customers.

Gifts certificates can be highly effective at engaging people in your business and enabling them to experience your product first-hand.

Another option to consider is handing out high quality bags and totes with your name and logo. You can hand these out at the show and people will use them to collect all of their other tradeshow giveaways. This approach also gives your company a walking billboard at a show as visitors carry your bags around the exhibit hall.

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