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Searching a variety of trade show directory sites is an effective way to find business and industry events and consumer exhibitions that represent strong marketing opportunities for your company.  

These database tools have grown in sophistication and utilization. They enable exhibitors to save time and efficiently source high-opportunity shows, based on location, industry, size and targeted customer reach.

The following websites provide comprehensive event databases for finding conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs across industry segments worldwide. While each database directory is formatted differently, you should be able to easily research potential shows to attend by searching on event name, industry, date, country, state, city and/or organizer.

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Deciding on which trade shows to attend can be a daunting task. Before evaluating show choices, you must first do the following.

  1. Define the specific target audience (the key decision-makers) you want to reach.
  2. Determine quantifiable trade show objectives.
  3. Identify the return-on-investment you want to achieve from exhibiting.

This information will serve as your baseline selection criteria for determining the most opportunistic shows in which to participate. Once you have culled the list of potential shows from your online search, contact the show sponsor.

Request show information including participation costs, booth location options, attendance at past shows, a list of past exhibitors, a list of past attendees, and opportunities for enhanced visibility and promotion.

Carefully evaluate each show's costs and potential relative to your target audience and objectives to refine your list and select the best show or shows to attend. For more information and tips on trade show selection, click here.

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